Where is Meredith?

I am here! I have been missing, but definitely in action.  In April, two friends decided to invest in one another and I became the creative adviser for my friend Tara, an indie author.  If you followed my previous blog, you may remember a post entitled I am such a bad friend.  We were friends as teenagers and reconnected during our HS class reunion in 2009. For more about my role, click The Professional under the Meet Meredith tab above.  One of the specific services I provide for her is managing multiple social media sites. Unfortunately, that left very little time for She Is A Trip. 

Wake up Tara!

Last month we DROVE from South Carolina to New York for the 2016 Harlem Book Fair. NYC is my spirit city, but this trip was strictly business. Meeting publishers, connecting with other independent authors and of course selling the product.  At a photo shoot last month, the photographer called me out for abandoning She Is A Trip. So here I am. 

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NYC2011: What didn't we eat?

The thing about New York is, it's the entire world in one city. On any given day and at almost any given moment you can order German, Koren or Hawaiian Fast Food. Any craving can be satisfied and culinary inquiry can be address. During our trip we ate...a lot. Here is a video of a few places that tickled the taste buds.

It was featured on the Food Network. The decor was industrial; very simple. Reminded me of Chipole. Pretty neat place.
Twitter: @dogmaticnyc

Pommes Frites
I read about it on a food blog. Small, but how much room do you need to enjoy a french fry?
Twitter: @PommesFritesNy

Lime Jungle
Spotted it coming back from the travel show.
Twitter: @LimeJungle
*Warning the website music is LOUD!!!!**

It had the best atmosphere of all. Very busy, but very intimate.
Twitter: @Emporionyc

Little Cupcake Bakeshop (Prince Street)
All the pink just jumped about at me from the darkness. The staff was friendly. I hate that I didn't get a cupcake. They were out of Pink Shirts and don't sell the online.

NY Times Travel Show 2011: "Sam, my friend!"

The title of this blog came from a story Samantha Brown told during her seminar. The gist of the story was about one of her worst days on the road. Two little girls on roller skates in China learned 3 simple words and it reminded her why she does what she does.

When I read she was going to be at the travel show, it was all I could talk about. Sunday morning, I cut brunch short with my family flew from Harlem to the Jacob Javits Center and with 2 mins to spare settled into a seat to hear my travel icon. I always knew I wanted to travel, but the various Samantha Brown series inspired me to create my own travel style.

Here are a few quotes from her presentation that sparked some type of resonance within:

NYC 2010::Part 2

The next stop on the list was a place called PopBar . I was a little bummed to find this. They were closed for Yom Kippur.

Instead we opted for Grom.

I wasn't impressed.

After a much needed nap. It was time to head out again.
Destination: Little Italy for
San Gennaro

There were too many people to really enjoy it.

I did manage to finally taste one of these.

Deep Fried Oreo
I only had 1, but that was the best $1 I spent all weekend.

See ya in Feb NYC 2011.
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NYC 2010::Part 1

After a good and I do mean GOOD nights sleep at the Moderen, it was time to let New York see me. ( Trip Advisor Review)

Lucky for us there was a festival on the next block.
So you know what that means?

The first few bites were really good, but it left a werid after taste.

Next, Grilled Corn

There is no pretty way to eat this.

On your mark,

Get set...


Next was a place I have read about on a few blogs.
A line is a good sign.

Very simple menu.

The Artichoke slice was superb! The Crab slice not so much. It was REALLY fishy. It wasn't bad, but I'd have to eat one or the other
Not both during the same meal.
Artichoke Pizza

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NYC 2010::FELA on Broadway::

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of seeing FELA on Broadway. It was like nothing I had ever seen. Before coming to Broadway, I wasn't familiar with Fela Anikulapo Kuti. However, after doing some research, his story is one I will never forget.

The singing, flipping, chanting, even the pop-lock and dropping was on point. It was witty. It was socially conscious. It was seductive. It was energetic. The set was chromatic, yet very simple. And that soundtrack...... I have listened to TWICE since I've been back. I will admit, I was a little disappointed when we didn't get to see Patti LaBelle. None the less, the show was an A+ all the way! Recently, I read on Shadow and Act that his story maybe coming to the big screen soon. Looking forward to it.

Other than the soundtrack to Sarafina! (don't judge me) and The 2010 World Cup Soundtrack, I didn't listen to alot of Afrobeat. Does Wale count? "My sweetie" is my JAM! However, these days it's slowly making it's presence known on the play list.

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"Femi Kuti ( Fela's son) was nominated for the second time for a Grammy Award in 2010 in the world music category proving he is a positive force to reckon with in African and world music." (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

New York::FELA::Thank you!

A few months ago, I get a call from my friend Monya, "Mer, I've just won a trip to New York to see FELA on Broadway and you are going!" Now, I am not sure if you have seen the movie Baby Mama, but in the Birthing Class scenes the character Angie (Amy Poehler) makes this hilarious sound, "OoOoooo"! That is sound I made in Walmart. (Click the link. You will laugh too!)

Before I post anything about the trip itself, I want to publicly tell her, THANK YOU. She had a laundry list to choose from, but I was given the golden ticket!

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