12 hours later....

WP_20150216_10_49_03_Pro (2).jpg

1/3 of the travel group

We  made it! 

Alana warned me she is a photo bomber. I didn't believe her. 

"Tell tales few can tell"  

Jetlag didn't care our rooms weren't ready.

We only had time to put bags down and change before we were off on our first excursion. 

Safari Tour in the desert.

Ride a camel. Won't do it again.  I have a close up, but scared it will become a meme. 

The rest of the evening was filled with traditional food and entertainment. #BestHummusEver

After the show ended things got a little scary. There was no plan in place to get us back to our van. For 20-30 mins we were just standing in the desert. No roads, just tire tracks. No lights, just headlights from jeeps leaving the parking area. Once we made it back to the main road, I realized we weren't that far away, just over a hill or two. 

I still think Shalimar Tourism could have done much better.  Even though I enjoyed myself, I would not recommend this tour company.