Where is Meredith?

I am here! I have been missing, but definitely in action.  In April, two friends decided to invest in one another and I became the creative adviser for my friend Tara, an indie author.  If you followed my previous blog, you may remember a post entitled I am such a bad friend.  We were friends as teenagers and reconnected during our HS class reunion in 2009. For more about my role, click The Professional under the Meet Meredith tab above.  One of the specific services I provide for her is managing multiple social media sites. Unfortunately, that left very little time for She Is A Trip. 

Wake up Tara!

Last month we DROVE from South Carolina to New York for the 2016 Harlem Book Fair. NYC is my spirit city, but this trip was strictly business. Meeting publishers, connecting with other independent authors and of course selling the product.  At a photo shoot last month, the photographer called me out for abandoning She Is A Trip. So here I am. 

Thanks for reading!