Laying Of The Hand

Growing up my dad prefered the holistic approach to health. Probably why he could hold a handstand at 50 yrs old. I wish would have taken those lessons more seriously before now.  

" There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy."  -Friedrich Nietzsche 

The one thing I intentionally budgeted for was time at  Duniye Spa

Treatment #1: Organic Stress Reduction Beauty ritual. 

Treatment #2: The day before we left I had an African anti-aging body ritual and the outdoor coconut bath. 

During my bath,  I ate fresh fruit, said my prayers and set intentions for the remainder of the year. A great way to spend the last night on the island.

While I waited for the other ladies, I hung out with this guy. 

In the moment I vowed to make time to find a spa back home. The reality is  I won't. Once I return to the hustle and bustle, I'll start looking at spas at the next stop. 


The spa has two location on the property. Both of my treatments were at the water front location. I took a shower at the other location before our flight. 

They  built the spa around a huge Banyan Tree. 

Lizards were all over the place!