#TouchTheSky Burj Khalifa

I am the power that lifts the world’s head proudly skywards, surpassing limits and expectations.
Rising gracefully from the desert and honouring the city with a new glow. I am an extraordinary union of engineering and art, with every detail carefully considered and beautifully crafted.
I am the life force of collective aspirations and the aesthetic union of many cultures. I stimulate dreams, stir emotions and awaken creativity.
I am the magnet that attracts the wide-eyed tourist, eagerly catching their postcard moment, the centre for the world’s finest shopping, dining and entertainment and home for the world’s elite.
I am the heart of the city and its people; the marker that defines Emaar’s ambition and Dubai’s shining dream.
More than just a moment in time, I define moments for future generations.
I am Burj Khalifa.

  • The tallest building in the world.

  • 160 floors

  • Home to 900 residences .

  • Corporate suites occupy 37 floors.

  • Home to the  Armani Hotel Dubai. 

"Burj Khalifa is the Arab world’s tribute to the art and science of modern engineering and design. Burj Khalifa symbolizes the aesthetic unison of many cultures – from Arabia and the rest of the world."

MOHAMED ALABBAR  Chairman, Emaar

Observation deck on level 124.

15 - 12 (3).jpg

I like the view from the top. Taking it all in. From time to time you could feel it sway. 

Souvenirs. A wooden replica and a velvet pillow.