Sightseeing around Dubai

Fact #1  Only 17% of the population are actual Emirati.

There wasn't a sign above this to say exactly what it was. I am assuming a Hope Chest of some sort. I thought it was beautiful and if I had a way to get it home, I would have. 


Fact #2 The city of Dubai has a constitutional monarchy.

Crossing Dubai Creek in a traditional wooden water taxi.

Spices. Nuts. Chocolates. Dates. 

Four of us ended up in a back room on the 2nd level of a store looking for scarves. One way in. One way out.  This tiny elevator. 

Fact #3  0% crime rate. Dubai is one of the safest places on earth. Racial tension among different nationals is unheard of.

Jumeriah Mosque

Fact #4  There are no income taxes. 

Residential area.

Fact #5  December 2, 1971, Dubai gained independence from the United Kingdom.