Failure to thrive.

No matter what the truth is, when you tell people you're moving back home for a while, images of a bad break-up, being escorted from your office, a twin bed or a bank account with spider webs spring into mind. Because of his grace and mercy, I can happily report I moved home by choice and not force. 

I'd been thinking about leaving that city for a while. When I actually voiced the thought out-loud a year ago, I got mixed reviews. Some thought it was to save money for backpacking around the globe.  Others were more concerned about my social life. 

This year, I took all of that into consideration ( especially the backpacking around the world) and ended my lease at a place I'd called home for seven years - with the intention of moving back in two months. Not one, but two apartments fell-through and I had an epiphany. I decided not to force what no longer fit. I'd moved there in 2007 always knowing it was not where I wanted to lay down roots, but "you go where the job is" or at least, that was my  mantra back then. Now, not so much. I don't regret my time there at all but, like the title of this entry, outside of my career, I failed to thrive.

Everyone knows I have a love/hate relationship with my hometown. As soon as I got a job, I started a "Never-Going-Back-to-Fresno Fund." The only way I was moving back home was to care for my parents - no exceptions. Oh, how time has a way of changing your mind and perspective. My cousin thinks my mother and I are going to drive one another crazy, but I'll get on her nerves before she gets on mine. 

My colleagues say, " What about the drive?" Surprisingly, I look forward to it. It's very scenic, sets the tone for the day, and forces me to be organized and on a schedule. Before I was 5 miles away - if I left something, no worries. I just turn around. Late night? Go home at lunch for a power nap. For the first half of the drive, there isn't mobile phone reception. Instead of calling someone for a distraction, I listen to music or a podcast or ride in silence to get my thoughts together. Last week on my commute, I came up with the concept and outline for a conference presentation. #BOOM

Continue to fight the good Teen Pregnancy Prevention fight by day, plot to take over the world at night and cloud hop when I want. Basically what I've always done. 

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