Snow & South Africa

I believed to really connect with a culture, you must eat the food and  dance to the music. I have yet to experience authentic South African cuisine, but Sunday I took a trip to South Africa without leaving  South Carolina.  The award winning Soweto Gospel Choir performed at the Peace Center in Greenville, SC and  when I say award winning, I mean Grammy- Emmy Award winning.
The show was nothing short of magnificent.  It's their 10yr anniversary and the performance is  dedicated to the beautiful Miriam Makeba and great Nelson Mandela

Today I am snowed in, so why not update my blog.
Well, I'm not literally snowed in.
I've been for a walk to get fresh air.  
Recently someone asked why I haven't updated my blog. My response was, " I haven't been anywhere, so I have nothing to share." They went on to remind me that I have plenty to say when it comes to researching, planning and paying for a trip, culture and life in general. And I used to, but the instant expert on everything that social media has lead us all to believe we are has made me more conscious of what I say. Travel should be safe though? Right?

So here goes. I am about to share more about what's going on with me. More not all b/c part of being a lady is being a little mysterious and unpredictable. One thing I am excited about is  the opportunity to introduce the wonderful world of Travel to the girls at Zippy's Place.  A local not for profit I volunteer with. Normally,  my hours are spent behind the computer, so this is an opportunity to work directly with the participants. I have weeks until our program, but I've already done a little window shopping at Party City.

Hmm what else has been going on with me? I have been writing a deleting a blog entry about how to pay for travel for the last four months. Talking about money in general is uncomfortable and even though this is simply my opinion and creative ways I save for travel, I am still hesitant about posting it. We shall see.

As usual, Thanks for reading.
If you are in the South East stay warm.
Meredith ♥

PS. I signed up for a 5k next month. That should be interesting.