A day at the beach

All of this cold weather is making me think of warmer days.
Here are a few of my MUST HAVES for a day at the beach.


1) Water Proof Bag.  This one came from Ikea. As you may have guessed deep orange is my favorite color.
2) Water Proof Camera: I have ruined too many camera from water damage. I dropped enough hints and was gifted one for my birthday.
3) Paper and Pen: The beach is the perfect time to zone out. I normally put my phone away and enjoy the moment. Take the time to journal, thought dump. It also comes in handy when you meet people and need to write down a name/number or the address of where you'll meet for dinner.
4) Solar Chargers are the best return on investment ever! It's free power. I take so many photos when traveling my camera battery is always running low. Just sit it in the sunlight and charge away.
5) EZ Towels: One year I attend a public health conference about Emergency Preparedness. We got these in our goodie bag. At first glance, I thought, " Glad I got it for free, I'd never buy". However,  they have proven to really be  handy. All you need is water and Vola! A towel to nurse a bloody nose, wipe feet after a day in flip flops, or  to freshen up after a long day of shopping before heading to dinner.
In case you are wondering. it's
123 days, 4 hours remain till Summer