Throwback Thursday: Bele Chere 2013

I am so ashamed to admit this, but I've lived an hour away from Asheville since 2007 and this was my first time visiting. 

I was looking for a weekend trip and a friend mentioned 
Bele Chere. Perfect timing. 
 After 30+ years, this was the final festival. 

The view from our room. 

 You know I came home with two bags. 
Taste so much better than store bought.
It's a local couple. He fries and she seasons with homemade blends. The BBQ was delicious. 
Low sodium and zero calories. #winning 

 The sign said it all. 

The first woman MD in the US studied in Asheville. 

 As the queens would say,
 " This sign is giving me LIFE!"

 I have a love hate relationship with my hometown, but everyone knows I'm from

 I could not talk him into this tour. 
No worries. Just another reason to come back.  

 The BEST crab cake ever!!! Nothing but meat and butter.

Chocolate treats for planning a fun and relaxing weekend. 

I decided NOT to post photos of the religious and equality protesters. I am all about freedom of speech, but once you start talking about the Heavenly Father having sex, Meredith is done. 

Thanks for reading,