Excuse me miss! Pardon me, sir!

Hope everyone is well. I am LaRia and I just wanted to stop by to let you know about my recent adventure to Belize. Being a first time international traveler, I knew just the place to visit: Belize! Belize is one of the last untouched paradises and the name itself is simply awesome to say! So, for this trip, I wanted to experience life as a Belizean and leave all cares & worries on US soil.

First stop: San Ignacio. While in San Ignacio, I went to an Iguana project to learn about why saving green Iguanas is so important for their culture. The Green Iguanas are becoming endangered and people hunt for Green Iguanas to kill and eat. YUCK! Anywho, while there I saw  Iguanas (eggs) and had the opportunity to hold the ‘man’ of the house, Gomez.

One of the other focuses of the trip was to spend time with children. I had the awesome opportunity to work at DorothyMenzies Child Care Center in Belize City, Belize. Let me sum up this experience: humbling! Oftentimes, life gets so busy, bills continue to roll in, and the stress levels are so high that I forget to appreciate the ‘small’ things: clothing, shelter, food, family, friends, and education. Working with the children at DMCCC allowed me to reflect and appreciate the life I live. While I don’t have everything and am far from rich, seeing children with no family and a desire to learn (all schools have fees in Belize) really humbled me. I look forward to going back to visit and minister to the kids.  

(***Due to human trafficking, I was unable to take pictures of the beautiful babies). 

Now, after visiting DMCCC and the Museum of Belize it was time to head over to San Pedro, party town! Man o man, the men, beautiful men! Everything about Belize was great from food, sights, animals, and even their horrid mosquito! There’s nothing about this adventure that I’d change and I’m so glad I lost my international traveler’s virginity in Belize!