.you don't need magic to disappear. All you need is a trip to BarNo.

Sun shining. Warm Breeze. Saturday was a lovely day. I spent the afternoon at a baby-shower, but afterwards it was too pretty to go home. I put my moon roof back and took a drive. I think the weather really got to me, b/c my car drove itself to BarNo and I ended up in the US Travel Section with a stack of magazines and books.  2-hours and 5 magazines later (I never got to the books) I had a page of missive. 

I need to enter more travel contest. I think I want to use Photozini to document my next trip. ● I use Evernote for work, I should look into Evernote Food as well. AFAR Foundation seems like something I need to be supporting in some way. If I am ever in Philly again, visit Federal Donuts Africa is so MISUNDERSTOOD ● It's time to drink the Kool Aid and get a Smart Phone. It will make travel so much easier. I want to take my lil "heart" sister to the International Show next month. I wonder if I can convince Monya to take a road trip to Nashville for a side of Pimento Mac & Cheese.  I need to make more time for this part of my life.