#FollowMeTo: My Kind of Love

Previous experience with denigration, judgment and the growing and unforgiving world of social media has cause me to become private and particular about how much I share about my love life. Beyond my occasional "Single Girl Problems" stories, I try to keep love talk to a minimum and besides platonic friends, you won't see me "boo'd" up online, unless it's at my wedding reception. I will admit I am a hopeless HOPEFUL romantic. I love me some black love.I say all of that because, a few days ago I was scrolling Tumblr for travel post and came across a series of photos called Follow Me To. The concept was sweet and unique. People always ask me, " What if you meet someone who doesn't like to travel. Is that a deal breaker?" It's not a deal breaker,however; because being a Xenophile is a large part of my life, I hope a mutual love for travel will be one of the things that bring us together. We shall see.

Russian producer, Murad Osmann, said "the photo series began somewhat by accident back in October 2011 when he was visiting Barcelona. His tendency to take pictures of anything and everything began to irritate his journalist girlfriend who grabbed his arm in frustration and tried to drag him along."  Osmann  continued to take photos despite this, and the "follow me to..." series of pictures was born.  ( courtesy of www.galding.com) 

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