Day 7: Japan>New York>Carolina's

January 3, 2013

This morning we drove up to  Biltmore.   

I have grown to like Biltmore, but I did wonder about how African-Americans were treated. 
Obviously, back then  " fair" treatment was still sometimes inhumane  however, I snuck and snapped this photo. 
Seems as if Mrs. Vanderbilt started the School of Domestic Science 
I guess back then that was a nod in the right direction. 

Scotch Eggs look weird, but taste pretty good. 
Boil Egg. Wrap in Sausage meat. Deep fry. 

Lunch was on the property at Cedric's Tavern.

I am known for pulling over on the side of the road for  a good photo op!

Next stop, Wal-Mart!

Good Night!