Day 3: Introduction to Soul Food: Japan>New York>Carolina's

December 30th, 2012

I always have a good time in Harlem. These little ones were educating Atsuko on Thomas the Train. 

One of my favorite bloggers met us for brunch at 
Amy Ruth's

  This is Atsuko's first experience with Soul Food!

 Chicken, Waffles, and Cornbread all topped with Maple syrup.

 It's always a pleasure hanging out with Brian. 
His blog is:
I am trying to get him to come and take a tour of the Old/ New South.

Hanging out in Harlem

Next stop  shopping on 5th Ave.

 Atsuko holding our itinerary. Next time, I plan to actually follow it.
Mon, would have been proud!

 A good sale on 5th Ave is always Serious Matter. 

While Atsuko was shopping, I was taking pictures in Henri Bendel

  Dinner at The Smile in NoHo with one of Atsuko's friends.

Kanpi to Friendships! New and Old.