What do you want?

I've been in a funk the last few days.
I Thank the Almighty for the optimistic people I have in my life. During one of my moments, I called my cousin to unloaded, and she asked very directly and plainly,"Meredith, what do you want?" I didn't reply. " I ain't trying to be deep. What do you want?" I sat silently in my car. I could not answer. Any other time, I could rattle off a list of wants within seconds. Today, I had nothing. At times like this, I turn to music. Today, it was Diana Ross who God used to speak to me.

"If you listen long enough
If you dream it strong enough
A door inside will open
And a light will flood the dark
Like a song too long unsung
Or a soul forever young
We all will find an answer
In the voice of the heart"
(Diana Ross: Voice of the Heart)

Thanks for reading!