Miami 2011

I will be the first to admit, I may be the big 3-0, but I still have a smidgen of party left in me. Truth be told, I think I always will. Not like Paris Hilton- drunk party, but more like Don't Stop the Music- party. I am working on my dancing technique, because at the moment, I think I am a bit awkward on the dance floor. Kind of like this.

Just teasing. I like Kimbra.

Back in 2009, I reconnected with one of my good friends from high school. After months of gloomy chatter about men and work, we decided to leave the stress behind and head for
When we touched down the weather was windy, rainy, and cold. Perfect for sleeping and reading. Unfortunately, sleeping and reading was NOT apart of the plan.

She was playing these drums with everything she had.
The energy was insane.
Heeeey Tara!

The Clevelander was perfect for us. First and foremost, the rooms were CLEAN and clutter free. Secondly, it was budget friendly.
We were offered a free upgrade, but bigger isn't always better.
The location of the hotel was ideal.
This is what happens when the economy is a mess.
He got laid off from his job and
this is what he has been doing ever since.
How do I know? I asked him.
Clearly, I didn't see Jaws behind me.
Cheers to the Big..
Cheers to dreaming less and living more!
My Pizza Boo. I sat down and he started talking. I cropped me out. I was looking a lil off from being at the beach.
Hanging out in the Everglades. Taking it all in.

An alligator can jump 6ft in the blink of an eye.
Sometime I question my sanity.
This is the gelato shop where the kids from the Jersey Shore worked. They were open until 11pm every night and I was there every night. Pistachio and Hazlenut are my favorites.
The last morning of every trip, I get up before everyone else to reflect and gather my thoughts before heading back to the madness of my other life.
One day these lives will collide and I won't have to plan
Getaways because Everyday I will live in my element.