Shen Yun 2012

" The truth will break open the gates of delusion."

Buying tickets to Shen Yun was the result of a tenebrous mood and this condition called Chronic Wanderlust.

The fact that 5,000yrs of Chinese culture has been passed down and retained blows me away. My cousin and I are in the process of planning a family reunion and getting just 100yrs of family history has been a bit of a challenge.

Overall, the show was spectacularly satisfying. There were 22 different scenes lasting a little under 2.5hours. Each one told a different story. Sadness, love, courage, humor, and loyalty were all depicted through impeccable synchronization.
Recording of any kind was strictly prohibited. I am infamous for breaking that rule, but since my purpose was to escape, I decided to put the camera away and have a complete Shen Yun experience.