America's Largest Home: Asheville

2012 began with a step back in time. The crony and I took a road trip to Asheville, North Carolina to visit the Vanderbilt's.

Soror Monya and I after we did a bit of damage in the gift shop.

I visited Biltmore Estate years ago, but it was a totally different experience. Just thinking of the magnitude of wealth, audacity, and creativity George Vanderbilt needed to just envision what was suppose to be his " little mountain getaway" is overwhelming.
The brochure clearly states that photography is prohibited, but there were some people who took pictures anyway. Begrudgingly, I followed the rules. Well sort of. I did sneak in a few of the backyard.

Of course my favorite room belonged to the lady of the house.

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Library: Home to 10,000 of the 22,000 books in the house.

If you decide to visit, I recommend the audio tour. It reveals information that you'd otherwise miss during the self guided tour. For example:

  • Even though madly in love, why the Mr. & Mrs. had separate bedrooms. " The years seem all like a moment. A happy marriage is the true fortune of life." -G.W.Vanderbilt.
  • The Conservation Technician used 18,000 Q-Tips during the restoration.
  • Decorators used minuscule swatches from the 1800's to recreate silk velvet and linen walls with gilded 24ct gold leaf.
Videos linked to the Biltmore website.
Next stop on the estate :
Most people hear the name Tiffany and the coveted little blue box springs to mind. However, in addition to jewelry, the Tiffany's also had a presence in the art and home decor world.

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There are conflicting stories online about who was the true mastermind behind the Tiffany lamp designs, Clara Driscoll or Louis Tiffany. Either way, one will add a certain je ne sais quoi to any living room or home office.

Most lamps you'll see today are Tiffany Designed or Tiffany Inspired.
QVC has a huge collection of Tiffany Inspired indoor lamps.

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