::Travel Inspired Decor::

July 21, 2010
Over the last 10 years networks like HGTV, along with shows such as Trading Spaces, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Design Star and my personal favorite, Miles of Style, have really shown us that with a little creativity and effort; we too can create a personal interior paradise once only reserved for the well-fixed and highly creative.

In the early 90's my parents decided to do some remodeling. I think I have been in almost every furniture store, Lowes and Home Depot in the states of North and South Carolina. I used to love Sunday afternoons. We would drive around to different open houses in developing suburbs. (Now know as Tega Cay and Pineville.) Once we had an interior decorator come from JC Penny. She recommended we transform our small dining room into a 1950's funeral parlor. At least that is what I made of her sketches.( Excuse the digression) It was back then when I first saw globes and maps being used in interior design, but mostly in studies and home offices.

Photo Courtesy of www.decor-medley.com

These days travel inspired designs have found their way into bedrooms, kitchens and even as the theme of a few southern weddings. I've yet to find one, but one day, I hope to design a travel themed nursery :-)

Below is a list of blogs and website I've come across where traveling inspired the design.

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" We think the most important thing to remember when shopping for map décor is to remember that maps aren’t just relegated to the wall. You can find map motifs on bedding, accessories, throw pillows, furniture and more."

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" Not many of us have the luxury of jetting around the world, but hey...a girl can dream, right? And what better way to fuel the fantasy of international travel than by displaying a vintage map in your home!"

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"....decorative accessories available to help you create your fun travel theme dream room."