::Outback Safari::

Today was the Outback Safari Tour. It really wasn't a safari, but it was loads of fun!
This was our driver Louis.

The vegetation was my favorite part of the tour.
This tree has history behind it, but I lost my notes.

First stop on the tour. Escuela Primaria

I have not seen a chalk board in YEARS.
I think I was in the 6th grade when dry erase boards became popular.

I am glad they like the goodie bags.

People in the US pay top dollar for a view like this.

Next stop. Coffee/Cocoa Bean Plantation
This is Billy!

Billy again

I think he was following me.

The history behind the drink varies; but one fact is consistant,
Mamajuana is a must when visiting Dominican Republic.

Guess what this is??

Still don't know?

On the left is the Cocoa Bean pod and the right is the final product.
The first two photos were of the actual raw cocoa beans.
The white milky film taste of warm pear.
An albino horse

Mccao Beach
A public beach in Punta Cana.
Kids love a photo op.

An experiment. I took this one thru my sun glasses.

Thanks for reading!