::10 things I ♥ about my trip to Dominincan Republic::

10. Meeting all the newly weds. New love is so sweet!

9. Being told I'm beautiful, a "Fly Chica" or a "Mami Chula" every day!

8. The jokes! It was pure comedy all week!

7. Being cured of Body Dysmorphic Disorder. :-)

6. The men! Dominican(and Hatian) men are beautiful.

5. All Inclusive Resort is fab! Golden Pineapples from Sun up to Sun up.

4.Time was not of the essence. (Unless it was time to eat!)

3. People watching with my sunglasses on.

2. The art. I wanted to buy everything.

1. Praying on the beach. It's like the waves come in, collect my concerns and carry them off the God.