::Tip #2:: Currency Converter Calculator

This little thing comes in really handy for me during international trips. Even though I check Yahoo Currency Converter and have a general idea of the exchange rate, I like to know exactly what am spending in local currency and USD. I purchased one from the luggage store at my local mall. One of my biggest fears is to be on a trip and run out of money and that is what happened in Japan. Not a good look. I think I still owe my cousin 3344.58 yen. I got you girl! However, it was a lesson to always over budget and under spend.

Now that lodging, flight, and my excursions are paid for, it's time to calculate spending money. I've looked at the exchange rate trend for Dominican Peso for the last few months and it hasn't changed much, so it probably will be around the same in June. The peso oro is the currency of the Dominican Republic.

$1USD = RD$36.80

$500 USD = RD$18,400

Example: I buy pair of earring for RD$500, I paid about $ 13.65USD.

Some cellphones have a converter application, but I usually don't carry my phone out and about. This one cost approx. $15. It's the size of a credit card, fits in my wallet and simple to program.