:: Forgotten Expenses::

May 21, 2010

1) Roaming Fees: Make sure you check with your cell phone provider for international roaming charges. My carrier charges $1.69-$1.99 per min and $0.50 per text message.

2) Hotel Business Center: These vary as well. I just called my hotel in DR and it's not that bad. $4.00 for 15mins. That is more than enough time to check and send emails.

3) Postage: I have a list of about 15 people to whom I'm sending postcards. Most postcards are usually .50 each. I have no idea how much postage is going to cost. So I'll guesstimate for .75 for cards to the US and $1.00 to other countries.

What are some expenses you forgot about on your last trip?

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