::New York Times Travel Show::

....I missed it, AGAIN! Ever since becoming aware of its existence, I've been super geeked about going. This year it was last weekend, Feb. 26-28th at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. From what I've been hearing, it was awesome...but come on, 150 countries in one room, ready to magnetize you with anecdotes and adventures of their homeland, Calgon take me way! And don't forget meeting my favorite travel journalist.

photo courtesy of www.exploringmonkey.com
::Side note:: I'd like to put in a personal request for Dhani Jones please.
Thank you!
I've already requested the presence of my crony. I know she'd enjoy a weekend in NYC. Since the days are all me, she can plan our evenings.

Hope to see you there.
Thanks for reading and Happy Travels,