:: Kingston 2007::

(standing) Me and my travel partner
(Seated) Vicki, our unofficial tour guide and David

I have bitter sweet memories of my time in Kingston. In those 4 days, I got a crash course in Male Ego 101 ***side eye***, gained a new respect for Bob Marley, realized that as random as I can be, I am not a haphazard traveler; I like to have some type of plan, and that everyone has a story worth listening to.
If you are looking for smiling faces and coconut shells, Kingston AIN'T it! It's grimy, it's loud, it's aggressive and it's unapologetic, but that's what makes it worthwhile. David and Vicky were a couple we met in our hotel lobby. They were visiting from the US as well. Press Play!

After returning to the states, we kept in contact with the David and Vicky. We even discussed taking a trip to San Francisco to hang out. We never made. A few weeks after receiving this email, tragedy struck and David and Vicky made their transition. ____________________________________________________________________
Miss you, Meridith!
I was just thinking about your sweet voice, and that awesome little accent... I hope you are well.
David and I are fine here in SF, working life through:))) Send me line, i want to know you're doing fine.
Thank You!!!!!


Love, like any other addiction, can kill you!

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The Knutsford Court Hotel

Devon House

Bob Marley Museam