:: All about Latin America::

This year is all about Latin America. In 75 days I ( along with 100 other young professionals) will be headed to cavort, carouse and frolic along the majestic beaches of República Dominicana (Dominican Republic). What makes this trip extra special is that I'm going with my cousin, Jo. Even though we were reared as siblings, she is 3 years older. When you are 9 and 12 or 13 and 16, hanging out together is not an option, but now that we are both G.A.W. , we have more in common. At times she thinks she my momma, but I kinda like it. Shhhhh, don't tell her!
The second vacation is to Miami, Key West and Mexico. This trip is going to be a little different than the other one. One of my travel companions was born shortly after Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected as our 32nd president and the other was born BEFORE that.
Enough said!
First order of business, SHOPPING! According to U. S. Postal Service, my new swim suit arrives today. I've had the same suit since high school. Clearly, it was the wrong size then or is the wrong size now! Either way it was NOT going on this trip!
I need to make a list and reduce it by half. I over pack! I will admit that, but I blame Girl Scouts of America and that "Be prepared" motto!
Where are you going this summer?