L♥VE: Firecracker approach v. Prozac existence

Metaphorically speaking, my library card was my first passport and after years of “just look it up online” or hanging out at club BarNo, I’ve decided to put it to use. This has been inspired by my best friend, who is training to be a librarian. With all that being said, I have just finished reading How the World makes Love by Franz Wisner and I loved it. So much I think I may add it to my personal library.

Even as his total opposite, I related to the author. I appreciate his attention to detail. His personality is colorful and he has a fluid story telling style that is conversational rather than explanatory. From Botswana to Czech Republic, How the World Makes Love was beeming with inspiration. It made made me smile, giggle , say “awww” and “I know that’s right ” all on the same page. The book examines gender roles and the social norms of various cultures and even questions the Karma Sutra.

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I was (and in some ways still am) the type of person where I am either feeling you or I am not. I’m giving you 100% or 1%. I aced the exam or I didn’t try. There was no middle ground. However the older I get the more grey area I allow in. In college we had to take an exit exam. You could take it as many times as you wanted, but no matter how many study groups I attended, I’d always failed by a few points. Then it hit me. Everyone in the study group is failing too. So ditched the group and I got an engineer major to help me. Low and behold, the next time I aced the exam. My thoughts on love are similar.

About 5 years ago an older male cousin asked my plans for the weekend. I said, “Oh nothing. A few classmates and I are going to get together and have girl talk. Men, clothes, school, etc.” He knew I was trying to date more and yielded this advice, “Apple head if you want to learn more about dating and men, don’t sit around swapping stories with a bunch of single women!” At the moment I though he was being a prick, but old carrot top had a point.

Even after experiencing the worst pain love can provide, Franz remained true to himself and found healing and comfort by surrounding himself with what he wanted and eventually love found him…again!

So, how would you rather experience love(or travel), like a Firecracker or with a little Prozac?
Happy Travels!