30 days til take off!

This time next month, I'll be struttin thru Charlotte Douglass Airport headed to New Yawk City. Big City of Dreams! I think I am in for a bit of a shock. Mentally, I glamorize everything! I can plan a weekend at home and make it seem like a lifetime movie. So I keep having to reminding myself, "Merdi, yes it is a vacation, but no it’s not a resort we are going to the city. A big, loud, crowded and somewhat impolite and dirty city!"

While in NYC, Mon and I will celebrate our birthdays. Hers is next Saturday and we’ll be in G’boro visiting the Diva herself, Mrs. Carter and my birthday is Aug 2, but my family will be in town for a memorial service and though I can be somewhat self-in
volved, I think it would be inappropriate to make that weekend about me, don’t you think? So the last day in NYC, we'll get dolled up, catch a cab to a swanky New York eatery to exchange gifts and philosphical expectations for the year ahead while sippin' something sexy and alcoholic!

As far as planning for the trip, I am very proud of my crony and I. Our first time traveling together, I think lack of communication, almost sent us over the edge. Lesson learned! So this time around communication was key! My unofficial motto for planning is "For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned." Monya and I talked about almost every aspect of this trip to make sure we are on the same page. The universe allows us a certain amount of control, so we try to take advantage of it. Our respective interest will make the trip exciting for the other person and the little expectancies that the universe has in store will make the trip a unique experience for us both.

Thanks for reading!