What shall I pack?

A few weeks ago, I found the cutest T-shirt. It’s pink and green [of course] and it reads, “Carolina Girl. We wear flip flops and pearls.” ♥ IT! This is a shirt I must pack for NYC, but what else do I pack? Comfort is the first priority, but being comely and put together is close behind. Visiting NYC ,the fashion mecca that it is, I am not trying to end up on some urban fashionblog or TV show with my face blacked out as a Fashion Don’t! On the contrary, I’m not trying to fill a suitcase with unnecessary, impractical, trendy [somewhat tacky] garments in hopes to blend in. Way back when [I did watch] The Tyra Banks Show, she did a segment on the subject. It was not helpful [to me], BUT she did get me to think outside of the box. For Japan, I under packed, but it wasn’t that much of an issue, because I took 3 different coats and my hats/scarves/earrings kept me from looking too boring, but NYC in July is HOT. I have 55 days to pack, which should be more than enough time.