Watch out Carrie Bradshaw..we are coming to NYC!

Most people got up this morning and it was another day. Wed. April 15th. Hump day. Me on the other hand was about to drag myself to work and then it hit 3 months..I'll be cloud jumping my way to NYC! New Yawk City! So I had a few extra Good Mornings in me. I have been before. In high school and my family migrated north back in the 50's so I've visited them, but trip is different. This trip is all about me(and my crony Monya) and what we want to see! For 7days the city is ours. From the book fair in Harlem, to the SoHo, Central Park, Meat Packing District,ESB,to rubbing the bull for good luck, we are so there! She is the consummate fan of Sex and the City and after seeing the movie I am as well, so I am going to make sure I am on the look out for who..None other that Mr. BIG!
Then I got to work and it hit me again. May 15th I'll be preapring to head to NYC for a party. Its an over night trip with my cousin Jonise! I'm excited about that. Even though she is only 3 years older and we grew up as sisters, she like a mom. I call her BOSS and I'm BIT{ Boss In Training}. Before the party, I'm taking Boss Shopping :101 at the Woodburry Common Premium Outlets. If you own a credit card, DO NOT CLICK THE LINK!