Retail Therapy

February 24th: Today started off a bit strained. 4am to be exact, but I regrouped and I got it together. Only 3 more days til my departure and its time to go home.
For the last few days, my mom had been hard to reach, so I channeled my inner Angela Lansbury( Jessica Fletcher), I called my 11 year old neighbor and he spilled the beans..My beloved Uncle William had made his transition and my mom was at the funeral in NYC! Being the matriarch of or family she basically dared anyone to tell me and "ruin" my trip! I was LIVID at first, but I got over it. I just mailed his post card telling him I'd see him in May! My uncle and I had a good relationship. He was going to be 80 in July. He was a smooth cat. A ladies man..Like all the Carter men. He called me the"Family Freeloader" as he sent me some packet change!

Afternoon was all about doing nothing. I finally got some souvenir shopping done.I got my mother a beautiful kimono style robe. Myself a short one and gift for family and friends! Phone charms are really popular here, so I got a few..well 7 to be exact. I stocked up on these peach mints. I had a ball in 100 Yen store..Yep you guessed it THE DOLLA STORE!

Beauty Blogger Jamie would Love this !

Don't sleep..some was really good. Eelman is a great artist.

Look @ the top corner...yea I missed that..expected to see an Asian Carrie..Umm no, it was really SEX and Tokyo City!

I love this picture. No matter where you are kids will be kids!

The Dollor Menu is universal!
Meet Jero: The First Black JAPANESE Enka Singer

The day ended again with dinner and a long train ride home.