Out and About

February 14th: After Mattilyn left for work. I took my morning walk to the bay. I have no idea what time I woke up and I really didn't care.What a great feeling. Could have caught a cab or the bus, but I decided to take the 20 min walk to Shinurayasu Station. This cutie pie and I played peek a boo long enough for me to snap a picture.
Isn't she precious? At 6pm I met Babysis, Naoko, and Chris at Ikspiari. Naoko is the costume designer and Chris is a singer in the Big Band Beat show @ Tokyo Disney Sea. Ikspiari is a shopping, dining and entertainment complex outside of Tokyo Disney Resort. It was simple to find. One train stop away. Next we headed to Electronics Town in Akihabara. Anything you can think of they have it.
Later we had dinner at a Korean Resturant.

We did a bit of shopping after dinner.

I didn't get it either.

TMZ moment: During my trip to Japan, it was common to see public intoxication. This particular night, I noticed a young man walk into the wall, get on the escalator, tumble down the escalator then ride up on his side. We were in shock. My cousin and I started running backwards on one of those moving side walks. We get up the steps to find him passed out in a corner. Pants undone. It was crazy. Mattilyn goes and get some coffee wakes him up and makes him drink it. Iā€™m praying he does regurgitate. Then he jumps up and repeatedly mumbles, Arigatou. Arigatou. Starts to cry and stumbles away. I call this a TMZ moment b/c shamefully; I got some of this on video. I felt horrible afterwards, so I deleted it! Good Night!