Off to see the wizard..well hair stylist, but when I take this hat off...

February 2oth: Before heading to the salon, Mattilyn and I decided to grab a bite to eat. I suggested a noodle house at the metro station. Ordering food was a process. First, the menu is a poster on the wall. Each entry is assigned a number. Once you decide what you want, you order from a machine. Think venting machine. Next, you pay and you take your ticket to the counter, give it to the cook and they prepare your meal. It was pretty simple. Of course, we had no idea what we ordered. A nice gentleman showed us how to order whatever we pointed to. So we got two different meals and shared. Press play to see the outcome.

Off to Studio 808. This is where I met Eko. Fellas if you are going to Japan and need a hair cut this is the place. Ladies, for the best shampoo job in your life, sit in Ekos chair. His fingers are hypnotic! I was expecting to walk into some stylish salon, decorated according it's Feng Shui with miniature water fountains and bonsai trees, but to the contrary, it was a one room shop with stacks of VIBE and Black Hair mag on the counter. Pictures of Rhianna and Janet plastered to the walls and hip-hop videos were on TV. It felt and looked like I was @ home in South Carolina and I loved it! While I was getting my hair styled, Eko had me translate the a few hip-hop videos. When it comes to my hair, I am simple. Not a lot of fluff and Eko did just that. The "Flying Saucer' Hair Processor freaked me out a bit, but I trusted him. The downside was it took all day, also like a salon back home, but it was worth it.

The travel channel is one of my favorite channels and recently I have been watching Anthony Bourdain and reading his blog. On a trip to Japan he had these things called, Takoyaki or Octopus Balls. So I asked Eko and he lead us up the street, around the corner, into an alley and up 4 flights of stairs into a one room bar with Jill Scott, Mary J and Ashanti on the CD player and the movie You have been served on both flat screens. We were the only two in the place, so we got the royal treatment.

As expected, Takoyaki wasn't my all time favorite, but it wasn't bad. It was crispy on the outside and the inside was spongy and slimy at the same time, but a glass of Hypnotic topped with Pineapple Juice made it all go down nicely!
While Mattilyn did Karoke, I wrote on the walls.

and the night ended with us taking a picture!