My first time was in Japan!

February 18th: Today was fun! First thing was Universal Studios.

After hitting a few rides with the guys I ventured off by myself. Took a few pictures. More shopping. Made a friend.

After dinner, it was time to do something I have never done before. It was 8 of us. I was so excited for my first time to be in Japan.

I went to a spa!

Spa World was a 24 hour 6 floor onsen in Osaka. An onsen is another word for hot spring. During check in you were assigned a wrist tag as your ID. It will just record your bills in the computer; you then pay the total on check-out., so no cash needed.

First stop was a red pepper and ginger bath. This spring was outside.

Next stop, Shea Butter, Collagen Placenta bath. It was heavenly!

Speaking of heavenly... next was an hour long full body massage with sandal wood oil.

Next was another unforgettable experience. A fish pedicure. In some countries they use this method to treat variety of skin ailments, like psoriasis, but for us it was strictly vanity and curiosity. The fish nibble on dead skin (heels and cuticles). Now...I had to take a min and get myself together b/c the thought of something eating my flesh as I watched was freaking me out, but for $12 you get 12 mins and I figured 12 mins isn't that long. The feeling isn't painful at all; it was more ticklish than anything. Something like a vibration. The little fish {Garra Rufa} didn't hold back either and I’m glad b/c when my feet emerged from the water, they felt better than expected. Press Play to see the little creatures @ work!

This little momma was enjoying the spa with the big girls!

Here are the guys goofing around in their spa attire. I said smile and they hit a Sashay Shantay!

After the pedicure I hung out in the rest area. That last all of 10 mins.

Then I was off to the Salt Sauna while the others went for another massage. The salt sauna was really intense. So after 10 -15 mins, I had enough and headed for another round in the different baths. We were there for hours and I could have stayed all night to be honest, but all good things must come to an end, right? Wait who said that??? ( I looked it up.Chaucer, 1374) Obviously, he has never been to Spa World! If you ever visit Osaka, Spa World is a must!

Unfortunately, my evening wasn’t over. In order to play hard, you have to work hard. I had to update my resume, write a cover letter, complete application, share it with Monya via Google documents and make sure it was faxed( and emailed) by close of business Eastern Time. That is the one thing that felt wrong about this trip, not having my crony along, but we have less than 200 days until our summer vacation. After that was done, I took a walk to Lawson’s (a corner store) to get something to eat, and right as I was falling asleep, another earth quake…Good Night!