Light! Camera! Action!

February 15th: Today was an interesting day. My cousin wrote a song called, A Woman Scorned and today she shot a video. Before you start goggling and looking for it on MTVJams. It was strictly promotional, more like youtube.
It was so much fun, but hard work. Cheers to Campbell the director. I was his Assistant Director and Audio Engineer, along with Naoko Visual Engineer. That means I wrote things down, carried bags, touched up make up and pressed play on iTunes and Naoko made sure the lamp was close enough to the camera! LOL ! The leading man was a sweet piece of eye candy, excuse me a very handsome young man named Ian.

During taping I excused myself to the ladies room to find this.

a squat toilet

Even with my pre-trip research and knowledge of the culture, my first thoughts were still , “Oh hell naw! How am I? What am I? Let’s just say I’m glad I’m familiar with a few Yoga poses. Moving on.

Mattilyn and I @ the travel agency. We leave for Osaka Tuesday morning.

Later that evening was a birthday party for Jeremy and Hayden (other Big Band Beat performers). When it comes to sushi, I usually go to my local whole foods where my buddy, Rico hooks me with an order of fresh whole grain veggie sushi. Ha Haaaah! It did not go down like that tonight. I had Ahi! I am glad I tasted it, but it is not something I’d eat on a regular bases.