Dinsey part II!

February 23rd: Today was all about Disney. I got there super early to see Big Band Beat. I was 3rd row center and I swear they were performing just for me. By now everyone knew me and I was like aww looka at the babies! The performance was stellar! I didn't know where to look b/c either Jason was tapping over her..Ryan flipping over here..Curtis was over here...Brian over there..I mean it was GREAT! Now sure if they read my blog, but the BBB cast really made my trip one of a kind! If you ever decided to switch teams..give me a call. You know who you are! My only complaint about the park was the gift shops! Oh my goodness. Will you all make just a few regular souvenirs. All I wanted was a simple lapel pin that said Tokyo Disney Sea, but all I saw were blinged out Donald duck cookies. Anyho0. other than that it was great!

Dinner was in a cute little place called Rainforest Cafe. Curtis joined us. Going home the train was TIGHT! A perfect photo op! Look at ole dude in the back ground!
Time to head home..Tomorrow the Fish Market!