February 11th & 12th: Welcome to J-pan!

Today starts my 2 week adventure in Japan. I got to the Charlotte Douglass International Airport at 5:00am for a 6:01am flight. After hugs and kisses from my parents it was time to start my trip! First was a short flight to Detroit. There, my 4 hour lay over ended up being 7 hours. People where getting hostile. It was quite entertaining! Being rude to the staff isn't going to get us there any quicker. The flight was pretty smooth. I slept most of the time. We flew across Canada, Alaska and Russia. The food was OK. You can't beat Oreos and Green Tea for dessert. My seat mates were retired teachers headed to Thailand. After seeing another sunrise, I got a great glimpse the mountains. Where? I have no idea. The pilot usually announces where we are, but I guess I missed it. After 22hours and 6,897 miles, I landed in Japan! Upon getting my bags and going through customs the adventure started..Getting to my cousins apartment! After a bit of walking, a bus/limo and a cab I was finally at E-Village! E-village is where all the Disney and Cirque du Soleil performers reside. Upon checking in with security, getting issued an ID and my room key, I was ready ...for BED! The evening ended with meeting a few cast members and a dinner of none other than Kentucky Fried Chicken, Macaroni and Greens! Good Night!