Call me Bambi!

February 17th: Today started early. I mean 4am early. After a mini earthquake, Mattilyn and I met Ryan and Campbell downstairs and we caught a cab to the metro station.

From there we took at train to Tokyo Station and then hopped on the Shinkansen a Japan's high speed trains (bullet train). The train travels close to 200 mph. It took maybe 3-4 hours to get to Kyoto Station. Breakfast was at McDonalds. In Japan, the fish sandwich and chicken nuggets are considered breakfast meals, the Double Quarter Pounder is new and you can wash your hand while standing in line.

Next stop Nara. The travel guide gave us a map with the major places circled in red crayon. First stop, Kōfuku-ji. A Buddhist Temple built in 669, but moved to Nara in 710.

Visiting Nara Park was a highlight of the trip. It is home to over 1,200 wild sika deer that freely roam. These deer are considered tame,

but if you have any "shika sembei - Deer Biscuits" or if they think you have a biscuit, it is another story. I was head butted by a deer that was not happy with me b/c I didn't have any biscuits. Campbell actually caught the moment of contact on camera. After that...they weren't that cute anymore. Please get me out of here!

Here we are in front of the Buddhist temple complex, Todai-ji. Its Great Buddha Hall is the largest wooden building in the world and inside is the world's largest statue of the Buddha.

After walking for four hours, I was tired; but not too tired to shop! Once we returned to Kyoto Station. We retrieve our luggage from the lockers. Campbell and Ryan stayed in Kyoto, while Mattilyn and I headed for Osaka. After meeting the fellas for a quick photo-op, Jason and Chris joined us for dinner at Barbacoa a Brazilian Restaurant. The grilled pineapple was great and so was the seaweed salad.

After that it was lights out!