Why Japan? Why not.

Keith suggested I write an entry about why I am headed to Japan. This way readers can have an idea of what to expect when they come across my blog. Most people assume it is for work[they clearly don't know where I work :-) ] or I am visiting someone who is in the military. I was bit by the travel bug in 1998. I was an exchange student @ Hayes Manor School located in Middlesex England. I absolutely loved it and made it a life goal to see as much as the world as I possibly could. In college there were a few domestic trips and Christmas 2007 was spent in Kingston. In Summer 2008 after many prayers and preparation[and auditions] my cousin Babysister was offered a job with Disney Tokyo and invited me to visit. I will admit Asia was on my travel list, but not at the top. However, I'd be a flat out fool to pass up an opportunity such as this. With the blessings of my family [and my wonderful boss]I renewed my passport and booked a flight for Tokyo! Over all I am excited, but I get excited about everything. In UK and Kingston I blended in as long as I didn't speak too much, but in Japan..I am a traveler for sure. I am looking forward to it all. The food, the music, the people, the temples and the best part is sharing this experience with family!
10 days til takeoff!