She Is A Trip is back!

What have I been up to? Well, 2016 has been good so far. 2015 was the height of my Quarter Life Crisis and with prayer, meditation, and profane language, she is back to normal. I learned I don’t have to have all  the answers. I have the right to quit, change my mind and not have a plan. As long I am mindful and intentional, everything will fall into place. 

I have sky walked a bit. Last month a couple of friends and I spent 5 days in the Cayman Islands. I didn’t know anything about CI before we booked. I knew it was a Caribbean island. That’s all. For the record, it’s located south of Cuba and northwest of Jamaica.  More about CI next week. 


Look up Consuela! 

I am currently planning a few trips. The Roommate is going to Paris ya’ll! Unfortunately, I will not be joining her in the City of Light. If you follow me on social media, you know I refer to my mother as my roommate. She is going with her sister and nephew. Like many others in the 50’s and 60’s, my aunt left the south and moved north searching for a better way of life. Throughout the years, we didn't get to see her much. Fast forward to 2016, these sassy seniors are ready to hit the road. It's their first trip together and my mom's first international trip. 

 How cute are they?  

If you haven’t heard, I turn 35 this year. Instead of focusing on where I wanted to go, I thought about the type of experience I wanted to have. I decided to celebrate life surrounded by love, laughter, and adventure.


My friends must love them some Meredith. They have agreed to spend 5 summer days in the desert for me.  

Last but not least, I am in love with the app Facet. It's a collection of short videos uploaded by people traveling around the world. Right now I just watch the videos at my desk, but I will definitely upload during my visit to Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon. 

Watch daily original videos from inspiring hosts around the world.
Interact and stay current with the best and most prolific adventurers in the chat room.
Create original 10 second videos using our powerful camera features.
Save individual videos to your own custom travel inspiration boards.
Browse through our curated categories in Explore to find videos that best match your interests.

As always, thanks for reading!



I freak out more if I can't find my iPod than my cell phone. What can I say, I love my music. Currently listening to My Kinda Swag by Emmi on repeat. Anyway, the other night I was cruising Etsy and came across Carved , one-of-a-kind phone cases made of real wood.  



This is the case I ended up buying. Their website has a larger selection than what is on Etsy and you have the option to upload your art for a customized case. Overall, I am pleased with my purchase. The case fits perfectly. The craftsmanship is superb, but my favorite part is definitely the colors of the wood. I am also a sucker for nice packaging and a handwritten Thank you note. Hi Holly!   These days I am trying to be more of a conscious consumer and support small businesses. What is your favorite small online business?

Where is Meredith?

I am here! I have been missing, but definitely in action.  In April, two friends decided to invest in one another and I became the creative adviser for my friend Tara, an indie author.  If you followed my previous blog, you may remember a post entitled I am such a bad friend.  We were friends as teenagers and reconnected during our HS class reunion in 2009. For more about my role, click The Professional under the Meet Meredith tab above.  One of the specific services I provide for her is managing multiple social media sites. Unfortunately, that left very little time for She Is A Trip. 

Wake up Tara!

Last month we DROVE from South Carolina to New York for the 2016 Harlem Book Fair. NYC is my spirit city, but this trip was strictly business. Meeting publishers, connecting with other independent authors and of course selling the product.  At a photo shoot last month, the photographer called me out for abandoning She Is A Trip. So here I am. 

Thanks for reading!

Pose 'N Post Symposium with Chrisette Michele

Last Sunday evening, the Pose 'N Post Symposium made its way to South Carolina. The brainchild of R&B singer Chrisette Michele, this workshop was all about beauty, branding and marketing  both yourself, your services and your products.  

I enjoy fashion like most women. The last girls' weekend I took was all about good wine, good food and watching  Versailles 73. An old copy of The Elements of Personal Style  is currently on my night stand. However,  you won't find me taking selfies in the bathroom mirror.  

So what am I  doing at an event like this? Making a conscious effort to connect and network outside of my comfort zone. Plus, I am fan of Chrisette Michele's music and didn't want to miss an opportunity to hear her live. 

The workshop opened with Chrisette Michele singing one of my favorites of hers, Better.  This was followed by Super Chris and Total Praise. Her voice is a cross between velvet and butter.  Here is some of my video footage. 

"It's fantastic to be amazing. Even better to be amazing and needed."                                                                                                                -Chrisette Michele 

The young lady on guitar is Simone. She is a student at Berkeley College of Music  and the tour is serving as an internship for her. 

Next was an Ice Breaker. As a trained Trainer, I was very impressed.  The assignment was to meet someone new, take a selfie, and post it using a hashtag that describes how you feel about being at the event. 

Meet Seyi Okeleye, a Natural Hair Stylist from Charlotte. Our hashtag was #BraveEnoughToBeInspired You can find her on IG @thekinkytruth

The second part of the evening was a Panel Discussion and a Q&A session. The panelists for the tour are all social media mavens and  business women. They are:

Since the product/service I want to brand and market is myself and my opinion about traveling, I had to really listen, filter the information and ask myself: "How can I apply this?"  

Over all, the evening went well and I am proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone. I had about  30 seconds to get a question in, so of course I asked " What is your favorite city to visit?' Paris. 

I went home with gift bags full of beauty products, fresh flowers and a signed poster of Madamoiselle Rich Hipster herself. 

I'll leave you with a couple of my favorite songs from Chrisette Michele.

Thanks for reading,                                                                                                                                    Meredith

The hook at the end takes me over every time! 

#LatePost I fell in love in the Maldives

Vacation is the perfect time to try something new. Our resort offered free golf lessons + 100 balls a day. 

Nia suggested Jen and I give it a try. I loved it. Now I am not about to run off and buy a set of pink and green clubs, but I do think I'll be giving those Groupon and LivingSocial Deals for private  golf lessons another look. 

Thanks for reading,



"Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess."        -Oscar Wilde

This quote was the best way I could sum up our day in Dubai. The last night my coworkers sister drove us around the city.  (Above) My photo of  Al Qasr at Madinat Jumeriah  is blurry, so here is one from the web.  

Bing Image

Bing Image

Next stop, was  Palm Jumeirah Island. It's a candidate for Eighth Wonder of the World.  If you have never heard of it or don't get why it's a big deal. Watch this video. It explains how this man made island came to be. (Bing Image)  Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum had a vision to transform Dubai into a luxurious powerhouse. Mission Accomplished! 


Only made from rock and sand. 

If you drive to the very end, you'll get to  Atlantis, The Palm

To close out the night, we went to Kite Beach for  the Dubai Food Festival. 


Dinner and a movie.

Stephanie was a great hostess. It was nice to get an idea of what life is like on a daily basis in Dubai.  I can't remember the details,  but she told us a very funny story about Jermaine Jackson coming over for dinner. I think that is the closest I'll get MJ.

 So how did a girl from Middle America end up in the Middle East?  All for LOVE. 

Tomorrow we leave for the MALDIVES! 

Laying Of The Hand

Growing up my dad prefered the holistic approach to health. Probably why he could hold a handstand at 50 yrs old. I wish would have taken those lessons more seriously before now.  

" There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy."  -Friedrich Nietzsche 

The one thing I intentionally budgeted for was time at  Duniye Spa

Treatment #1: Organic Stress Reduction Beauty ritual. 

Treatment #2: The day before we left I had an African anti-aging body ritual and the outdoor coconut bath. 

During my bath,  I ate fresh fruit, said my prayers and set intentions for the remainder of the year. A great way to spend the last night on the island.

While I waited for the other ladies, I hung out with this guy. 

In the moment I vowed to make time to find a spa back home. The reality is  I won't. Once I return to the hustle and bustle, I'll start looking at spas at the next stop. 


The spa has two location on the property. Both of my treatments were at the water front location. I took a shower at the other location before our flight. 

They  built the spa around a huge Banyan Tree. 

Lizards were all over the place!